In January 2015, the water and sanitation programme of Caritas Nyeri completed a 3 years rural water project funded by MISEREOR (An organization for Catholics bishops of Germany for development cooperation.) Through Caritas Nyeri, MISEREOR has been supporting communities living in the rural areas of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri to improve the availability of safe and reliable water supplies for domestic use since 1996. Nine community groups and four institutions were supported to develop water supply infrastructures in the just completed project.

The construction of Chuma gravity flow Water Project sourcing water from Kariogo river in the aberdare mountains. Through support of construction of a 4km pipeline and 150,000lts storage tank has benefited the following;Karandi and Mukoe villages in Wiyumiririe location, Munyaka division of Laikipia Central district who can now access clean water from taps at their homes through the support they received.

The community living around Ol kirisiai in Chumvi sub location, Ethi location, Central division in Laikipia East District can now access clean drinking water nearer to their manyattas. The pipeline was meant to extend Chumvi water project to the underserved community.

Many people do not consider rain water as a source of water supply, but communities living in dry areas like Laikipia where surface water sources like rivers are rare, rain water is valued very much. Using Roofs as a catchment tool, rain water is harvested and stored in reservoirs for use. The just concluded water programme, using this kind of technology supported four Institutions located in Mwituria location, Munyaka Division, in Laikipia County and Narumoru Location, Kieni East Division in Nyeri County to put up roof catchment rain water harvesting. This included construction of 30,000litres capacity ferro cement water storage tank in each institution and the gutter collection system. The institutions which benefited from this project are Kijabe primary school, Githira primary school, Narumoru secondary school and Aguthi Catholic church.

Apart from supporting the institutions with this kind of technology, the programme supported 7 community groups to put up such systems in their households and construction of 84 15,000litres capacity ferro cement water storages and the associated rainwater collection gutters .The community groups supported in Roof catchment rain water harvesting water project for came from 7 villages including Waihara Village and Gititu Village in Nyeri County and Githira village, Solio village 3, Male village, Chuma village and Wamura village in LaikipiaCounty. This included.

The availability of safe and sufficient water supply in the villages has brought with it social and economic benefits. The social conditions improvement brought about by this new water supply project include a reduction in time and effort required to collect water by the women and children. The economic benefits in the project area as a result of the improved availability of water include using the time saved to do other economically cores like farming and poultry production.

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