Community Prevention with Positives (CPwP) and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program is one of major programs at Caritas funded by USAID through Aphia plus. The project mainly deals with people living with HIV, the infected and affected and children from the households while addressing social determinants of health.

The program entered its 2nd phase in the year 2011 from APHIA II to APHIA plus and will exit in September 2015. The program works with trained Community Health Workers (CHW) to provide services through support groups.

Currently, the program supports 3511 PLHIV and 6100 OVCs in 2,155 households.

Project Goal
The goal of the program is to minimize suffering of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by providing palliative care and support services and OVCs in their households ensuring sustainability at all levels.

  • To provide quality home and community based care to 3500 PLHIV and their families in Laikipia County.
  • To provide integrated and comprehensive care and support services to 6000 OVCs in Laikipia County.
  • To integrate social determinants of health within the HCBC/OVC program in line with the USAID implementation plan.
Target Beneficiaries
  • The project targets PLHIV (People living with HIV) and OVC
  • Orphans and vulnerable children from the households (Infected and affected).
Focus Area
The project draws its beneficiaries in Laikipia East, Central and North Sub-Counties.
  1. Education
  2. Psychosocial care and protection
  3. Household economic strengthening
  4. Social protection
  5. Health and nutrition
  6. Child protection and Gender based violence.

Education Support.

  1. Secondary school fees
  2. Provision of primary scholastic materials
  3. Provision of school uniforms
  4. Tom shoes
  5. Vocational training fees
  6. Provision of sanitary pads to adolescent girls.

Psycho-Social Care and Support

  1. Support groups’ formation and strengthening of existing groups.
  2. Sensitization on the CPwP messages to support groups.
  3. Support link desks within facilities.

HH Economic Strengthening

  1. SILC ( Saving and Internal Lending Communities)
  2. Involvement in IGAs.
  3. Linkages to local markets.
  4. Financial literacy training.
  5. Linkages to Micro-finance institutions.

Social Protection

  1. Advocacy for waivers, subsidized services.
  2. Linkages to cash transfers and MFIs for social funds.

Health and Nutrition

  1. Payment of hospital bills
  2. Provision of greenhouses to support groups.
  3. Advocate for small scale irrigated agriculture, kitchen gardening.
  4. Training on draught escaping crops and small livestock keeping.

Child Protection and Gender Based Violence

  1. Health care services
  2. Provision of shelter renovation materials
  3. Provision of birth certificates
  4. Advocacy for social inclusion.

provision of school fees to secondary schools students



OVC treatment



provision of beddings