Caritas Nyeri Mental Health Programme has initiated a cottage industry. The rehabilitated people with mental illness who have a reason to hope! Through this new initiative, people with mental illness have proven that with the right health treatment, care, and support, they can engage in productive livelihoods.


In the cottage industry, Josephine Chege, a mentally ill lady trained in tailoring, has reason to smile as she gets an opportunity to utilize her skills as well as express her creativity through this initiative. She is now able to create different designs of bags and she has also gained other new skills in bead making and she can now make rosaries, necklaces, earrings and several other items with beads. This is to the disbelieve of many who knew her before joining Caritas Nyeri mental health programme, two years ago.


Josphine life has drastically changed through this programme as she earns about ksh 400 a day which is equivalent to $ 4.25. She is now able to comfortably meet her basic needs, manage her mental health treatment and support her son who is in secondary school.


To many who think that people with mental illness are doomed and beyond rehabilitation, they have reason to change their attitude as Josphine is a good case study that mental illness can be managedas proved through this initiative!

Let us all join hands and reclaim the minds of those affected by mental illness and give them a chance to realize their full potential.


This initiative is supported by Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa.

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