ceepThe Community Economic Empowerment Programme is a non-funded programme of Caritas Nyeri which was initiated in the year 2012 with the core objective of uplifting the living standards of vulnerable households within the Archdiocese of Nyeri.

Project Goal
To uplift the living standards of 50,000 vulnerable households within the Archdiocese of Nyeri by 2017.

To raise the economic status of 20% of the most vulnerable households within the A.D.N. per year.

Target Beneficiaries
The most vulnerable households in the Archdiocese of Nyeri.

Focus Area
The Archdiocese of Nyeri through Parishes/local churches.
  1. Mobilization of community members to form self-help groups
  2. Training on book keeping/financial records management, leadership, loan processing and amortization
  3. Data management of group financial records
  4. Financial audit of group records
  1. Remobilization of groups performing lower than their capacity
  2. Re-election of leaders in groups where the elected leaders fail to perform their roles effectively
  3. Legal action on group members who misappropriate group funds as well as on loan defaulters
  1. Members of various groups have been able to access loans amounting to Ksh. 8,310,660 repayable at an affordable interest rate of 1% p.a.
  2. So far we have started self-help groups in 32 out of 48 parishes in the Archdiocese which accounts for approximately 67% coverage.
  3. We have been able to add value to the group funds for willing groups through investment in treasury bills which totals to about Ksh 2.2 million.
  4. The Programme was officially launched during the Celebration of the First World Caritas Day on 24th October, 2014 and the Logo was unveiled by His Grace Most Rev. Peter Kairo the Archbishop of Nyeri.
  1. Some communities are not receptive to the idea of saving with the SHG due to the tainted legacy of some church-based groups that have failed in the past.
  2. Some members are inconsistent in saving or save considerably lower amounts than their capability.
  3. Some leaders of certain groups are ineffective, leading to the delay in Account opening, funds transfer and ultimately, members are unable to access loans in a timely manner, which in turn lowers their confidence in the SHG.