Support groups of people with mental illness and their carers matched in the streets of Nanyuki Town creating awareness about mental illness and presented their petition to the County Governor on 24th March 2015 at 12.00 noon. The initiative was supported by Caritas Nyeri Mental Health Program.

Issues in the petition included:

  1. Lack of mental health services,
  2. lack of psychiatry services,
  3. lack of trained personnel in psychiatry unit,
  4. Discrimination and stigmatization in service delivery,
  5. Non- recognition of mental illness as a disability.

The people demanded a fully fledged psychiatry ward in Nanyuki Referral Hospital as well as Doldol Sub-County Hospital since mentally ill patients were travelling very far to seek for these services.

The petition was presented to the Laikipia County Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Njoroge who promised that all the grievances will be addressed by ensuring that all health centres and dispensaries have been equipped with psychotropic drugs and nurses trained on psychiatry services to ensure that all mentally ill persons are treated and their rights respected. The groups were promised that they will no longer be discriminated in delivery of services and access to government funds and special treatment during distribution of relief food.

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